Der Nasse Fisch

A mobile AR/VR game

We produced the game „Der Nasse Fisch – Der Schatz der Sorokins“ („Babylon Berlin – The Treasure of the Sorokins“) in co-production with the publisher Carlsen Verlag to coincide with the new edition of the graphic novel „Der Nasse Fisch“  („Babylon Berlin“) by Arne Jysch. The player takes on the role of the homicide inspector Gereon Rath in the Berlin of the late 1920s. The locations and crime scenes are recreated in their actual size through augmented reality and can then be explored by the player. A thrilling story from the world of „Babylon Berlin“ – created by Volker Kutscher.

Release: 28. September 2018 | iOS only


  • ClientCarlsen Verlag
  • ServicesConcept, Gamedesign, Production, Release
  • IndustryPublishing
DDC Award 2018
Handcrafted visuals
We created a sophisticated film noir look and translated it into the game environment.

We love the game.

Incredible user experience and an absolute flawless design.
Markus Dömer, Head of Carlsen Digital

It's all about activity and immersion.

When playing „Der Nasse Fisch“ the user places the game environment in real size via AR. After placement, the full VR world is built around the player and he can interact with game elements: open drawers, look behind furniture, find clues and fingerprints.

The player is forced to physically move around, which creates a completely new gaming experience.