Experiencing architectural concepts

Virtual and augmented reality applications can substantially help with the undestanding of architectural concepts. We did this recently in two different cases using both techniques.

An AR application was created for IMCPT, a social incubator based in hamburg. Within the application the user can experience the concept for IMCTs „Ballroom“ container facility, a socio-cultural space, with 85 workplaces, conference rooms, a think tank and gastronomical facilities. With two different scaling modes, the concept model can be either placed in miniature scale on a table or in real size on the ground outside. Placing the model in real size allows the user to walk through the virtual building, getingt a feeling for its design, look and feel.

  • SERVICESAR Visualization
  • IndustrySocial Incubator

A mind-blowing tool -

for visualizing a sophisticated architectural concept. Be it for laymen or professionals.
Achim Aisslinger | Architect
Transforming architectural models

Experience a concept while it evolves

IMPCT wanted to achieve two different goals with the app.
On one hand, the app should support the team in presentations for IMPCTs partners. On the other hand, the project itself should be updateble, so changes of the concept could be visualized quickly  and in an comprehensible way.

We worked together closely with the lead architects to get the raw concept data and transfered into 3D Models ready for augmented reality.